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Ultimate Destination for Luxury at Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a second to none flavor. Everything in the city is larger than life, from its casinos that welcome patrons till the wee museumbola hours of morning to the private jets that grace its airport. The luxurious hotels bespeak of wealth and the assortment of entertainment options that are enough to whet the appetite of the most discerning traveler. It is no wonder that the tiny desert rose, which started as a single casino venture has today turned into the Mecca of pomp.

Million of tourists visit this oasis each year, some to try out their luck in the casinos while others just want to enjoy the unique experience that the city has to offer. Downtown Las Vegas was designed to be the focal point of the city with innumerable amusement centers that cater to the tastes of just about everybody. The hotels; which have been used as the backdrop in several Hollywood flicks, are teeming with every kind of amenity and luxury that money can buy. Two of the crown jewels of the city include the gravity defying Stratosphere and the Mandalay Bay Resort.

This towering sky scraper not only houses one of the most luxurious and high end hotels in the city but also is well known for some of the most thrilling rides in the state of Nevada. Tourists simply cannot get enough of the Big Shot or the propelling speed of X Scream as they plunge down by several feet towards the earth, all in a perfectly safe and controlled environment.

The revolving hotel is a trademark feature of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino with a cocktail lounge that is spacious enough to accommodate more than 360 guests at any given time. Riding on the elevators of this hotel is a thrill in itself, as you are bound to feel the G force as the elevator travels at 1800 feet per minute. It is almost as fast as the ascent or descent of a jet liner. Once you make it to the top of the majestic building, you are greeted by the country’s highest observation deck that offers a truly stunning view of Las Vegas.

For those who would like to capture the precious moments spent on the deck, there are 50 Tower shops selling a myriad of souvenirs. The hotel boasts of 2,444 delightfully furnished and incredibly spacious guest rooms and 133 suites, all decked with modern amenities.

The casino of the hotel houses an incredible 1,200 slot machines apart from the poker rooms, table games, sports books and more. After the action packed time spent enjoying the best of what the Stratosphere has to offer, guests are bound to be hungry and to tantalize their taste buds are four restaurants such as the Fellini’s Ristorante Italiano, Roxy’s Diner, Lucky’s Cafe, Courtyard Buffet and Top of the World Cafe.

Mandalay Bay is among the most popular accommodation options in the city, a perfect resort for an ideal vacation. The structure alone is impressive with 39 stories that house 3,309 guest rooms and extraordinary facilities.

The resort is often in the news for hosting some of the most popular sporting events in the country including boxing matches that are frequented by celebrities and big shots from over the world.

The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino also boasts of some of the most fantastic musical and theatrical extravaganzas; most notable among them are Mamma Mia which was turned into money churning Hollywood production.

One of the most exclusive features of the hotel is the Shark Reef Aquarium which is a fantastic place to observe marine life. The wave pool and the heated pool along with the lazy river give visitors the perfect reason to spend several hours lazing by the water. It is not unusual to find several known faces regularly staying at Mandalay Resort which offers impressive security measures to take care of its guests.

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