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What if; Dutch Design Week 2015

Strijp-S goes What if

My visits to the Dutch Design Week are always a moment of excitement and with the camera in one hand and the guide in my other hand. I can’t wait to explore. As you might know Dutch Design Week (DDW) is a nine-day long celebration of Dutch design during which interesting works and projects are showcased in the city of Eindhoven spread across 80 venues. It offers a vast programme including experiments, exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, seminars, music festival (new this year), meet ‘n greets, parties and excellent choice of food and drinks.

DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.1

My path is usually to go to Strijp-S where talented and renowned trade and industry designers, as well as numerous educational institutions present themselves in an industrial setting with a strong business character. What make this years theme “What If” a good starting point, making, creativity and innovation truly blossom during this design event.

DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.2

The focus is not only on established names but also on new and young talent. Promising designs, smart solutions and artistic creations, everything is possible. I walked, from Eindhoven train station to Strijp-S, passing the football (or socker for some) stadion (presentation “Modebelofte”). Here is the result from of the design adventure in Eindhoven. Enjoy.. I did and the coffee decorated according the design character and view too!

DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.3
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.4DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.5
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.14
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.22
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.34
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.36
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.38
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.39
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.40
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.41
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.42
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.45
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.47
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.61
DDW DSIGN magazine 2015.50


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