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The up-coming of anatomic and disturbing decorated ceramics

The New English The Vivienne Westwood of tableware

The New English brand smacks you right between the eyes. They’ve been described as ‘the Vivienne Westwood of tableware’ and I think that’s about right. From a series of plates that, when arranged correctly, make up a human skeleton (titled ‘supermodel’), to anatomically correct bone china hearts with gold plated valves.

Phoebe Richardson “Supermodel”

Discovered in a rabbit warren of faux Victorian rooms – part of the London Deign Festival – and haven’t stopped thinking about them since. Their macabre, slightly unsettling aesthetic just stays with you somehow.

Maxim “Lepidoptera Crudus” Cake Plate

Describing themselves as “the new movement in collaborative ceramics design,” they work with designers from disciplines as diverse as fashion and architecture, with product designers, artists and even a lingerie designer!

Maxim Putulanus Plate
Maxim “Putulanus Plate”

They’re heavily involved creative education programmes and marry fresh blood with old hands to create the perfect balance of new ideas and experience.

ray caesar
Ray Caesar “Vanity”

The results speak for themselves. Production is in Stoke-on-Trent using the finest bone china, putting the ‘English’ in The New English. And with ranges inspired by everything from Alice in Wonderland to Victorian taxidermy, there’s something for everyone… well, if you like that sort of thing.

Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” Dinner Plate
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” Breakfurst plate
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” Mug
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” Coffee Cup & Saucer Set
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” Tea Cup & Saucer Set
Lisa Turner
Lisa Turner “Anatomica” expresso Cup & Saucer Set
The New English “Heart in Gold”


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