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During the last couple of years I have frequently heard people say that my generation, generation Y/ the millenials / iGen and a.k.a. the internet generation is lazy and has no ambition. We are supposedly arrogant, self-centred, and possessing a short attention span. We don’t fight for our rights like for instance the babyboomers did. We have no certainty in work, are not sure how long (and if) we can keep a roof over our heads and haven’t a dime to spend. And what’s more, despite all this we don’t seem to care all that much about it. So I asked myself, is this true? Don’t we care about our own wellbeing? Our society? Our future? Or is it simply a choice not to let ourselves be forced into a role society has unrightfully chosen for us?

Lana del Rey
Lana del Rey

From the moment I was born I was taught that I could do anything in life I wanted to do. Basically that I’m special. But I also had to remember that to survive and to be successful you had to work hard and make a lot of money in order to reach the things you wanted to accomplish.

The older generation generally favoured certainty above excitement. “No you can’t be a painter, it doesn’t give you the certainty that being a lawyer for instance provides” would be something that could have been parental advice to a passionate young artist.

We have to deal with the expectations people have of us. We have to make it in life and prove to our family and friends how ‘perfect’ we really are. But what if money is just a formality? What if money was no object?

I recently came upon an amazing and inspired video of Alan Watts that I would love to share with you.

“What if money was no object?”

What If Money Was No Object ~ Alan Watts from Edgar Alves on Vimeo.

Seeing the video made me think about our society. We all have noticed jobs becoming more temporary and the need for flexible people rises. No jobs from 9 to 5. It’s a 24/7 industry. That is the reason we are moving more and more towards freelancing where people need to be ready to jump from one job to another. We love to connect and meet new people. We are becoming inventive and know how to adapt to our surroundings.

Generation Y does have ambition, but we also want to live. We want to say at the end of our days that we have lived, loved and did everything we have have ever dreamed of. That we crossed the world by boat, foot and air. That we have met our great love and had the time of our lives.

So what, we aren’t prepared. We can’t be. We hop around, just like the society currently demands from us. We choose different occupations than our parents would have and we do not know what the future holds for us. We can’t force ourselves to be rich or know what we want to do. We try to make something of our lives and if it does not work. Well so be it. At least you have tried! Now, we are reasonably realistic but there are a lot of things money can’t buy. This means that we don’t take the obsessive need for money as seriously anymore and that we are more and more just enjoying life, going with the flow and seeing where the wind brings us. Ain’t life great!

Article by Elise von Grumbkow


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