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"The Secret Garden" by Zaha Hadid Architects in Milan, Italy

Zaha Hadid and Paola Novone at the Milan Design Week

The intriguingly titled ‘Secret Garden’, under the occasion of the Salone Del Mobile 2012, is an installation that has been conceptualized at the Orto Botanico in Milan’s Brera District in Milan. The installation was interpreted by the British architect Zaha Hadid for Citco and Paola Navone for Barovier & Toso. The British architect Zaha Hadid, constructing a pavilion made of Italian marble, the architect crafted large black tableaux cut with three-dimensional forms. Revealing each panel with different perspectives, giving the experience a real sense of exploration and discovery.

The secret garden by Zara Hadid
The secret garden by Zaha Hadid

Citco aimed to convey their expertise onto a breathtaking project, who have approached Orto Botanico in the role of avid gardeners breathing new life into it. As a result, two different projects blended effortlessly into one setting, as architect and designer tried to experiment with each of the brand’s techniques for creating a forward-thinking installation. which pays homage to “The complex beauty found in the organizational patterns of the natural world” and “the peerless logic and harmony of nature a journey of discovery into the forces which created them. The demanding organization, the structural integrity and the precision of these natural systems inspire a rich architectural language with an innate capacity for complex programming.” says Zaha Hadid about here work.

Taking that idea a bit further, hidden from the leafy surroundings, Paola Navone enveloped Barovier & Toso’s hand blown Murano glass chandeliers in ‘Nests’ made of over 10,000 leftover hazelnut branches from the springtime pruning, designed with viewing holes to peep through. She described them as “Warm nests which welcome and protect some of the most beautiful pieces of Murano glass-making tradition. The colours and textures in the branches, the silver foil lining the insides of the “nests” and the chandeliers themselves provided a visual feast in the enchanting environment. “a enchanting project that brings out the best, we have definitely accomplished the objective of an ‘interactive’ garden. This jolly secret garden, has acted as a literal break in the sequences of design showcases and has unveiled the art of nature exploration’ says Paolo Navone about here project. ‘The Secret Garden’ made us wander around and to stop upon occasion to gaze at the installations, the plants, and link them with the culture and the background history of one of the world’s most unique gardens.door Katie

 Paola Navone “Nests” are integrated in the gardens greeneries.
 Amazing constructions showing the glass blown chandeliers.
The Secret Garden at Milan Design Week
 Here showing the peek holes offerings small views of enormous treasures, at the grasp of your hand.
 Zaha Hadid pavalion beautiful lighted out.
Detail van panel with object showing the natural systems of complexity.

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