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The Pushmax by Max Mutgeert

Universal quality furniture

The PUSHMAX is designed to be universal. Can be used by childeren and with a little change, by adults as well. With this table-chair the designer wants to show that he innovates to be more simple! Made of solid plastic, the product is a durable quality item.

Pushmax by Max Mutgeert
Pushmax by Max Mutgeert

In general: Today we all use the latest technology for communication: Lap tops, IPad and IPhones. With this piece of furniture you have all facilities to study or work with them, but also just for relaxing with a good book! The multifunctional use of the PUSHMAX enables to increase your comfort in- and outside. In the right colour the PUSHMAX will brighten up your room and can it also be used as a storage cabinet.

Pushmax by Max Mutgeert
Pushmax by Max Mutgeert

Submitted by Max Mutgeert
Website: Max Mutgeert


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