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New project by D’SIGN Award winners Lisanne van zanten & Renee Boute

Residual material is our inspiration for our new project The production of ceramics is an expensive affair. In addition to products that fall trough, there is also residual material. “This gave us the idea to use this residual materials”. Says Lisanne van Zanten working on this project with Renee Boute and winners of the D’SIGN Awards 2014 […]

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Award entry: ‘Tastemaker’ by Lisanne van Zanten en Renée Boute

Kitchen Design entry: Cutlery The name says it already… Tastemaker. A cutlery that affects your taste. The colour, the material and the size of the cutlery are the outcome of research about influence and manipulation of flavour. During this research we found out that manipulation of food is, beside this cutlery, is a daily thing. […]

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