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Eyecatcher on Salon Residence: Edward van Vliet cabinet

Filing system inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities A breathtaking picture at Salon Residence in Laren, last week. In one of the rooms of the historical Singer Museum, Edward van Vliet created an extrordinary office environment. With an extraordinary filing cabinet. Like a 3D diary. Van Vliet got inspired by the glass Cabinets of Curiosities we […]

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Design by Frans Willigers with strong sculptural qualities

Design is essence by Frans Willigers After a career in the field of architecture, Frans Willigers decided to focus on designing products and furniture. As a designer of furniture he strives to show the essence of his designs in an unambiguous way that is clear and undisputed. The bench Graffiti can be used both inside […]

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Residential event the Woonbeurs Amterdam 2014

Everything about residential living under one roof Always busy with your home and looking for the latest trends, furniture and accessories. Or want a complete make-over for your home. Then the Woonbeurs Amsterdam is something you can not miss. On Tuesday the 30th September at 10:00 the largest residential event in the Netherlands will open […]

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Genieten op de Woonbeurs Amsterdam

Alles over Wonen, Design en de laatste Trends onder Eén Dak Altijd bezig met je interieur en op zoek naar de laatste woontrends, meubels en accessoires. Dan is de Woonbeurs Amsterdam iets wat je niet mag missen. Op dinsdag 30 september om 10:00 opent het grootste woonevenement van Nederlands zijn deuren. Wij geven je de […]

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Furniture by Bruehl the funky Morning Dew Chair

Nature as an inspiration New funky Chair by German company Bruehl. The design is from designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl. The gentle Morning Dew chair is inspired by nature an with an ultra modern day edge. The Morning Dew Chair remind me of tulips, using their elegant petals developing the rear and equip sits. This contemporary flower-inspired […]

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The Pushmax by Max Mutgeert

Universal quality furniture The PUSHMAX is designed to be universal. Can be used by childeren and with a little change, by adults as well. With this table-chair the designer wants to show that he innovates to be more simple! Made of solid plastic, the product is a durable quality item. In general: Today we all […]

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