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Photography: Ryan Yoon for Virgine Magazine

All You Can Get by Ryan Yoon All You Can Get is a feature by photographer Ryan Yoon for Virgine Magazine that uses the most unusual, everyday objects to create high-fashion. From Tide laundry detergent to Diet Coke to dogs, Yoon captures these women in a way you might see in Vogue, except then you […]

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Photography: Ranking the eyes by John Rankin

Colour controle by Rankin John Rankin Waddell (most commonly known and referred to simply as Rankin) living and working in London as photographer who’s dramatic, photographic style caught international attention. Another self-made success, his work is primarily fashion or portrait photography, although he does deviate for personal projects. His work, regardless of intent, purpose or […]

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Photograhpy: Plastic Fantastic by Tomaas

Beauty fashion or art by Tomaas German photographer Tomaas originally a travel photographer and based and working in New York from 1995. Has made a photo series by the name of “Plastic Fantastic” This series revolves around turning disposable plastic items into clothing and accessories. The model is staged with various plastic items such as […]

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