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Sculpture Art: Chatsworth House Damien Hirst

Sotheby’s at Chatsworth House Last October was on view at the Chatsworth House grounds in the UK. The annual Sotheby’s Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition. This magnificent location has provides a unique opportunity for the presentation and sale of monumental sculpture. The juxtaposition of works by artists as diverse as René Magritte and Takashi Murakami makes […]

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Art: "Sunflower" by Damien Hirst

beautiful sunflower panerai painting English artist Damien Hirst’s new paintings give the feeling of spinning, and that’s not by accident. The new pieces, called Beautiful Sunflower and Beautiful Fractional Sunflower are actually created by a process called spin painting. In addition to the spin painting technique, the components from renown Italian watch brand Panerai are […]

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