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The up-coming of anatomic and disturbing decorated ceramics

The New English The Vivienne Westwood of tableware The New English brand smacks you right between the eyes. They’ve been described as ‘the Vivienne Westwood of tableware’ and I think that’s about right. From a series of plates that, when arranged correctly, make up a human skeleton (titled ‘supermodel’), to anatomically correct bone china hearts […]

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The most creative ceramicists and visionaries around

Ceramicists; Rules Are Made To Be Broken Penny Byrne, the Melbourne artist subverting kitsch ceramics. Penny Byrne is of course no ordinary fixer of priceless porcelain. As she puts the last of her ‘day job’ pieces back into a storage unit, that ‘separates’ her professional lives, Byrne has an errant glint in her eye. The […]

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New project by D’SIGN Award winners Lisanne van zanten & Renee Boute

Residual material is our inspiration for our new project The production of ceramics is an expensive affair. In addition to products that fall trough, there is also residual material. “This gave us the idea to use this residual materials”. Says Lisanne van Zanten working on this project with Renee Boute and winners of the D’SIGN Awards 2014 […]

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