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Sponsorship Options

Become a sponsor for the D’SIGN Awards?

An event where national and international upcoming talented designers will have the opportunity to win the Award with their design and get international recognition.

For the organisation of this event, which brings upcoming designers (students or start-ups) and businesses together, we are looking for sponsors. Sponsors will enable to make the event even bigger and attract more media attention. We want to give these young designers a platform to show their talent. The financial sponsoring will go towards the winners’ prize money.

Do you have affinity with innovation, creativity, technology and functionality? Do you love design? If so, becoming a sponsor of the D’SIGN AWARDS 2017 is the opportunity to have your name linked with this wonderful initiative.

The event will receive national and international attention and this will mean translate into national and international exposure for you as sponsor too. It’s wonderful to have your name mentioned in the press, or to be able to say that you have made a contribution towards helping young talent. Last but not least, you may even start up a joint venture with some young talent yourself.

For your convenience we have created a number of different sponsor packages. It goes without saying that we will also do something in return for your sponsorship. This is mentioned in the package descriptions.

If you like, together with you, we can also think up a form of sponsoring which is more suited to your organisation. Please contact Gabrielle Voogt

Sponsor packages for financial contribution:

Bronze package of € 250.00
Mention of your name on the website and in social media and a link to your own company page.

Silver package of € 1,500.00
Company logo on the website, on location and in social media, format: 160 x 120
Link to your own company page
Personal invitation to event for 2 persons

Gold package of € 3,000.00
Company logo on the website, on location and in social media, format: 210 x 150
Link to your own company page
Advertorial on the website, 5 lines at the maximum
Personal invitation to event for 4 persons

Platinum package of € 5,500.00
Company logo on the website, on location and in social media, format: 330 x 250
Link to own company page
Company logo on the invitation
Banner at the event
Advertorial on the website, 10 lines at the maximum
Personal invitation to event for 8 persons

Sponsor contributions can be transferred to:
GAAB Project & Design Agency | Bank account: NL29 ABNA 0574 0528 28 | Mentioning: SPONSOR D’SIGN AWARDS 2015

Sponsor packages for service/product contribution:

Sponsoring by providing a product or service is also very welcome. This may include any of the following:

Location for the event (for approximately 150 persons)
Catering during the event
Printed matter (posters, invitations)
Marketing activities

What will you, as sponsor, get back?

Event sponsorship provides a unique way to align your brand with a highly engaged community of professional and student designers. Sponsors typically receive extensive exposure for their brand through various means, including having their logos included on printed collateral to physical representation at the events.

To learn about our upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Gabrielle Voogt

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