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In site: The design of the future

Strawberry Earth fair – Design of the Future

Are you’re always aware of what you buy, eat, wear and do, and do you like a sustainable lifestyle? Then the Strawberry Earth Fair may be for you! During this weekend, opens the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam in cooperation with Strawberry Earth, the travelling exhibition ‘Design of the Future’, a two-day event with the latest in sustainable fashion, design, film, food and a substantive program focused on innovation in the fashion and design industries. The exhibition specially formulated for Strawberry Earth Fair, showcases the innovative and sustainable work of twelf young design talents. Visit and be blown away by their original take on sustainability and find your sustainable Valhalla.

Strawberry Earth Fair
Strawberry Earth Fair

Today we stare us blind to terms such as ‘recyclable’ and ‘ecological’. These values ​​do not determine how sustainable design really is. Strawberry Earth is a platform that inspires thousands of people every day to have more impact in their environment. This leads to a surprising mix of startups, designers and brands that show that sustainable living is associated with good aesthetics and enjoy.

Strawberry Earth fair 2
Dancing for a better world | Film | Surprise act on Saturday night| Garden Safari (by Lynn Shore)

The  twelve forward-thinking Dutch designers to show their interpretation of sustainable design during the exhibition ‘Design of the Future’ are: Buro Belén (Lenneke Langenhuijsen and Brecht Duijf), Eric Klarenbeek, Isaac Monté, Jorrim Kox, Klaas Kuiken, Lilian van Daal, Marjan van Aubel, Massoud Hassani, MEIJS Motorman, Pepe Heykoop, Robbin Baas and Studio Minale-Maeda. All these designers keep on innovating their processes. Because simply working with low-tech, recycled or natural materials, doesn’t automatically mean a better or more sustainable design.

MEIJS Motorman
MEIJS Motorman

The whisper-quiet electric moped by MEIJS Motorman is not only good for the environment, but also very hip.

The Mycelium Project – Print and Grow – Benjamin Klarebeek – Studio Eric Klarenbeek

Studio Eric Klarenbeek is exploring ways of 3D-printing living organisms, such as mycelium, the threadlike network of fungi, in combination with local raw materials to create products with a negative carbon footprint.

Robbin Baas
Apiarium – Robbin Baas

Baas brings small but useful animals to the attention by simplifying their life in the city. People can hang this beehive to the bee population to lend a hand.

Marjan van Aubel
Glassware – Marjan van Aubel

Glassware by Marjan van Aubel generates solar energy, whether you drink or not. Each glass has the colour and energy-giving properties of plants.

Klaas Kuiken
Klaas Kuiken

These bottles Klaas Kuiken are each unique, but made of recycled glass used in mass production before.

5 EXPO Design of the Future - Massoud Hassani - 11 & 12 oktober - foto by Rene van der Hulst - 1-1
Mine Kafon – Massoud Hassani

The wind blows the sustainable mine detector over minefields. When he comes into contact with a mine, he blows the mine and himself up. Hassani calls attention for minefields in areas where children play.

Ninebyfour – Where Makers

Where Makers designed this sustainable LED lamp made of wood from Amsterdam city.

Founder of Strawberry Earth – Mette te Velde

Mette te Velde, Founder of Strawberry Earth: “Our exhibition ‘Design of the Future’ shows work by designers who think about the impact that their design have in the world around us. When you’re doing a good job as a product designer? Working with low-tech, recycled or natural material supplies not always deliver you a better or more sustainable design. What are the materials and shapes of the future? With this exhibition, we offer a stage to pioneers who apply sustainable innovation in a a surprising way in their work. And we give the creative process the same amount of attention as the actual design itself. ”

Strawberry Earth fair at the Tolhuistuin Amsterdam
Strawberry Earth fair at the Tolhuistuin Amsterdam

Date: Saturday 11th (2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.) and 12th (13:00 to 23:00) in October 2014.
Location: Tolhuistuin (IJ entrance) in Amsterdam North, Tolhuisweg 5 (five minutes from Amsterdam Central Station)
Ticket price: € 10, – (day ticket).
Programming: www.strawberryearth.com/fair.
The exhibition travels and will be at the festival KANTOR 14th till 16th November in Sloot Office in Amsterdam.


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