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Nominee: Studio Roex with Plumbers Piece

Category Ecological: Design Plumbers Piece Vase

Studio Roex finds inspiration in plumbing. Studio Roex is presenting its Plumber’s Piece vase. This collection is the result of experimentation with leather and inspired by the shape of membranes (rubber balloons) from expansion tanks, which they encountered thanks to a plumber.“Fascinated by the silhouette and properties of a rubber membrane, we developed a design that does justice to the membrane in terms of both function (waterproof and solid) and shape.”

Plumber's Piece by Studio Roex
Plumber’s Piece by Studio Roex

The constructive value of leather combined with the flexible rubber membrane creates a new visual language. The shape of Plumber’s Piece originates from the proportions of the existing membrane. The ribs give the material structural value, so that the vase remains in balance and the original properties of both materials are accentuated. Studio Roex feels strongly about the use of traditional and sustainable materials and production methods and deliberately chose to produce the vases in the Netherlands:

Plumber's Piece by Studio Roex
Plumber’s Piece by Studio Roex

“Dutch production companies are becoming increasingly scarce, also in the leather sector. It’s a real shame that so much knowledge is being lost, so we have entered into a partnership with a production company in the Netherlands. This also enables us to maintain greater control of production and material use. We work with vegetable tanned leather only. This way, we contribute our part to the people, planet and profit framework’.”

Plumber's Piece by Studio Roex
Plumber’s Piece by Studio Roex

Studio Roex. Studio Roex designs are based on existing materials, shapes and techniques. By placing them within a new context, the designs increase awareness of everyday objects.

Name: Studio Roex
Project Name: Plumber’s Piece
Category: Ecological Design
Website: Studio Roex


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