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Nominee: Nynke Koster with Coexist

Category Lifestyle: Design Coexist

Nynke Koster (07-10-1986) graduated in July 2013 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) at the department of furniture design. After studying interiorarchitecture her heart was to be found to be in furniture design and fine arts. ” There is more freedom, and you can grasp what is coming close to you.

Coexist by Nynke Koster
Coexist by Nynke Koster

With her graduation collection Coexist she made copies of the building of the academy itself . The question arises whether the contra molds are autonomous objects (negatives) from the building or the have become an object to use, furniture. The work balances between art and furniture.

Coexist by Nynke Koster
Coexist by Nynke Koster

Because for Nynke the questions remains when does a piece of furniture becomes art and when is it not? Where is the border? At this moment I am processing the concept of copying buildings into using objects. This means testing with materials, but also to do spatial discoveries.

Coexist by Nynke Koster
Coexist by Nynke Koster

I want to make special collections of buildings in The Hague, in the Netherlands, Europe exactly anywhere. I would prefer to make collections all over the world. Make copies of historic buildings which people have affection with. So it could be a reminder to take with you and it creates new meanings to architecture.

Name: Nynke Koster
Project Name: Coexist
Category: Lifestyle Design
Website: Nynke Koster


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