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Nynke Koster and Renate Nederpel at DDW

UNION 11 “Internationally Attractive”

During DDW the work of Nynke Koster is to see in a exhibition at the TAC building. Nynke Koster also winners of the D’SIGN Award and unanimously chosen by the jury for her work Coexist. Is to see as a part of UNION11, a new international group of young designers who presents their solo works unified during the Dutch Design Week 2014. Visitors of TAC will be shown an wide variety of international design.

Renate Nederpel - PopUp Linnen and Nynke Koster - Coexist
Renate Nederpel – PopUp Linnen and Nynke Koster – Coexist

The work by Nynke Koster, described by the jury as a study of a new view of architecture. The result is interesting objects that serve as furniture, but which also possess great visually strength. Their flexible material makes them a surprising experience to use. Is one of brand new projects which might surprise you.

Coexist by Nynke Koster
Coexist by Nynke Koster

Also part of the UNION11 international group is Renate Nederpel with her design PopUp Linen. Renate won the Public’s Choice D’SIGN Awards by the readers of D’SIGN magazine. With her moveable closet and made out of fabric she showed us comfort in movement.

PopUp Linen by Renate Nederpel
PopUp Linen by Renate Nederpel

Nowhere else will you find so many hidden national and international (art) tracers as in TAC. Here you will meet artists and designers and experience the development of art, design, fashion, food and architecture in all its purity.Experience true craftsmanship and creativity in the various studios, exhibitions, workshops and lectures. More than 150 exhibitors are shown at TAC during DDW.

TAC foto DDW72
TAC Building

Disciplines of UNION11: furniture, glassware, pottery, fashion accessories, outdoor objects, lighting, architectural objects.


Vonderweg 1
5611 BK Eindhoven


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