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New project by D’SIGN Award winners Lisanne van zanten & Renee Boute

Residual material is our inspiration for our new project

The production of ceramics is an expensive affair. In addition to products that fall trough, there is also residual material. “This gave us the idea to use this residual materials”. Says Lisanne van Zanten working on this project with Renee Boute and winners of the D’SIGN Awards 2014 in the category Kitchen design.

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Test run with own residual materials

“The first products that we have made are a series of vases, which are useful for a variety of purposes. Because of the different waste materials you get a series consisting of various colours, what makes all series unique and tells its own story.” To achieve this we have already carried out a first test with residual materials from our own production.

Used materials to make ceramic.jpg
Used materials to make ceramic

To collect the residual materials they contacted several ceramics companies, artists and ceramics associations. Not knowing what to expect, they hoped that, in any case, two companies would react. surprisingly to them the response was enormous. Even EKWC (European Ceramic Work Centre), expressed their willingness to contribute to this project, because they recognize that much residual material are wasted. Due to the overwhelming positive response, we get the chance to develop the collection in a grand and professional way.

Urban life in to your home
Urban life in to your home

For the design, the two city girl were inspired by the theme “Urban Gardens” We urbanize, but on the other hand want to be closer to nature. For example the vertical gardens that you see in gardens, houses and buildings. With this in mind they have been aiming to get a little outside, inside the house. We have developed a concept consisting of a series of vases, which are all made of residual ceramics and glazes. The collection is designed so that all sizes of plants fit into the vases. The elongated vase is suitable for a bunch of tulips and in the little vase is just enough room for a cactus or a bulb.

Urban Gardens by Lisanne van Zanten and Renee Boute.jpg
Urban Gardens by Lisanne van Zanten and Renee Boute

If the vases are produced, a code is placed on all of the products by means of a stamp. Each code refers to the supplier of porcelain and / or enamel. Like the codes on the eggs in the supermarket. With the vase, comes a card with information regarding the stamp. It tells you about the supplier and the used material.The choice of a particular heating and why. And the idea is to provide also a map of the Netherlands, stating the name of the ceramist / business and the place where it’s located. This entry is created by a collaboration directly, we mention the name and they provide residual material that otherwise would be wasted.

In the future, we want this Cradle to Cradle system and the cooperation between ceramists and consumers growing. First step in this is the exhibition in Hilversum. This offers a good springboard to present the concept to the public. And who knows in the future a website / app which companies and ceramists can sign up to contribute to the circle.

The aim is to reduce the distance between the consumer and the producer. People now buy ceramic products in stores, without having any idea how it’s made and where it comes from. Through this collection we want to make the consumer creatively aware of the process and all the waste in the ceramics world.

Website: www.reneeboute.nl
Website: www.lisannevanzanten.nl


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