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Modebelofte 2015 presented Performing Advancers

17 Different nationalities, freshly graduated from the best academies

Modebelofte presented over 40 of the brightest fashion talents freshly graduated from the best Dutch and international Bachelor and Master fashion programs in an extraordinary exhibition of innovative talent during Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven.

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Sian Alexandra Hadnum Great Britain ‘Taped media’

The unique location the spectacular Philips Stadium, home to professional football team PSV! Enshrines the concept of this edition, entitled “Performing advancers’ got it.

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Dawn Ansuh Great Britain ‘Other men’

Not the first location you think of a fashion presentation. But this years the theme is related to the world of sports, ’Performing Advancers’ that associates with the human urge for performance and performance enhancing innovation. And the their relentless quest for self-improvement and for pressing the limits of what is humanly possible and imaginable.

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Hannah Curtis Great Britain ‘Protect our Paradise’

‘Modebelofte’, Dutch for ‘fashion promise’ is a platform for innovative and progressive fashion talent. The event is an initiative of Ellen Albers, owner of the Eindhoven based concept store YOU ARE HERE. According to Albers, Modebelofte and the Philips Stadium in many ways an ideal match: “There is almost no place imagine where innovation is more obvious and the potential reach as large and diverse. Here people from all kinds of backgrounds together to be a participant of an international spectacle around performance. This fits perfectly with the concept of this edition of Modebelofte.

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Hannah Williams Great Britain ‘Sculpting fashion’

Visual designer Niek Pulles and experience designer Harm Rensink, the curators of the event, also said “The dividing line between fashion and sportswear is becoming thinner. High performance is more obvious on the catwalk and the street determining sportswear has never been fashion minded. This development we see reflected in the academies’ all over the world.

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Chisom Ogundu The Netherlands ‘Shades of infinity’

Ellen Albers, who has a long reputation of supporting emerging talents and for bringing the fashion discipline to the context of Dutch Design Week. By creating a platform for the most adventurous and visionary innovators of fashion talents during such an internationally well attended design manifestation, Modebelofte seeks the dialogue with likewise innovative companies, universities, media and the public.

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Jim-(Chen-Hsiang)-Hu Great Britain ‘XI (系)’

Designers: Jessica Walsh, Matty Bovan, Robyn Priestley, Bram Vervoort, Tone Bjerkaas, Hannah Curtis, Gabriele Skucas, James Mitchell, Sian Alexandra Hadnum, Vera de Pont, Alan Oakes, Hannah Williams, Jasna Rokegem, Mathilda Norberg, Kathryn McGee, Hannah Anetha Wallace-Hunte, Chisom Ogundu, Ting Gong, Gabriel Castro, Vera De Pont, Jessica Brown, Charlotte Grace Georgina Harris, Edoardo Rossi, Fabian Bredt, Marie Sophie Beinke, Jim (Chen-Hsiang) Hu, Josephine Goverts, Milligan Beaumont, Pauline Choi, Tung Trinh, Dawn Ansuh, Anouk van de Sande, Nneka Okorie, Calum Whitley, Beth Postle, Nikki Duijst, Chou Yun Ting, Isabelle Tellié, Laure Severac, Fatma Kizil, Yunseo Choi, Sofie Gaudaen, Odella Yue

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Nneka Okorie Great Britain ‘That boy is a hero’
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Josephine Goverts *Winner Frans Molenaar Coutureprijs 2015 The Netherlands ‘Carlton’
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Matilda norberg Great Britain ‘Material Rules’
Fatma Kizil The Netherlands 'I am under construction'
Fatma Kizil The Netherlands ‘I am under construction’
Milligan Beaumont Great Britain 'Skateboarding Geisha'
Milligan Beaumont Great Britain ‘Skateboarding Geisha’
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Gabrielle Skucas Great Britain ‘Coloring book’
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Fabian bredt The Netherlands ‘Identity 3.0’
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PSV stadion Eindhoven

Website: www.modebelofte.com

Courtesey of DDW, Fashion United


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