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Meesterlijk the event for design, applied arts and food

Meesterlijk Design & crafts in Amsterdam

Meesterlijk presents each year in November, with great enthusiasm a tasteful and inspiring event for lovers of fashion, design and culinary delights. at a dynamic venue in Amsterdam.

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Meesterlijk Design & crafts 2015

In the past, during the time of the Guilds, the Master title offered the consumer assurance. Now Meesterlijk does the same for their public. For three days the Westergasfabriek transformed for Meesterlijk into an ‘City of Design’. A bustling mini-city where more then 100 self-producing designers, fashion designers, food artists and craftsmen share their passion for design and craft with their audience.

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Studio of Eden

Designers and craftsman who are capable of elevating every day objects, furniture and accessories with timeless sophistication. A tailor made object has lasting immaterial value. And as you might noticed, an increasing number of designers are using the contemporary preference and interest of the audience for authenticity, craft and originality…this is the new luxury.

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Relax atmosphere

In a cozy and relaxing setting. Meesterlijk gives you the opportunity to introduce you self to the most fully dedicated state of beautiful, authentic and high quality products. You will find established names alongside young talent.

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Krabbe +Akerboom

And the food, Glorious food, I might say. Topchef Buanchi perspective on food is mastery. Also Mr. Tacq contributes to the taste and smell senses-watering flavors and aromas. Something I couldn’t resist.

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Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.34

Shopping at a place that breathes creativity was never so much fun. Buy directly from the maker, but hear the story behind the design and how it’s made as well. Here are the eye-catchers I gaze on…..and my personal favourites I had to have.

Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.3385
My new loves by Iris Nijenhuis and SNIJDER & CO

And the new loves: yellow necklace “Piece by Piece” designed by Iris Nijenhuis. And the with ants embroidered dishcloth from Snijders & Co, best know for their hand painted wallpapers.

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Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.29
SENNES, on the Left Nele De Block and her business partner
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Saskia Shutt Design
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.4
Iris Nijenhuis owner of Piece by Piece
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.11
Piece by Piece
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Room for glorious food
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Enjoying the food and having a glass champagne
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Fifytables with owners Hans, Ewout & Marielle Wisselink
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.15
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.14
Inge Stevens, owner of PING & MOOS
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.16
Dario Scapitta Design
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.17
Work by Albert Seubring
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.5
Jaap Snijder of SNIJDER & CO
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.3246
Wonderful space
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.37
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.42
Noor Wentholt, owner of Ignoor
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.18
Charlie Kamping of Charlie K DESIGN
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.19
Gem Kingdom, owner Bernard Jongstra
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.33
Qeens of SARDINES, project by Anna Borsboom and Natasha Tastachova
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.36
Bags & Shoes owner and designer Joaney Korevaar
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.3333
Marc de Groot with his new design BEEHIVE
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.32
Heiko Balster, register for his crowdfunding project
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.9
MARCK&MO Vanity bags
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.25
Michael Barnaart van Bergen Boutique, fashion designer
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.21
LUSCIOUS by Alexander Khorikian
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.22
Pepavanas accessory for high heels
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.10
Great crowd
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.24
Hetty Kelderman Arts
Meesterlijk D'SIGN magazine.35
Was a great expirience, bye see you next year

Initiative and concept: Nicole Uniquole
Event styling: Maarten Spruyt and Tsur Ueshe
Comité van aanbeveling: Iris Apfel, Lidewij Edelkoort, Richard Hutten, Diane Pernet, Jan Taminiau.


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