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Little devil keeps you focused

Design by Rhys Duindam

Little Devil acts as an excuse for non-smokers to take a break. Little Devil slowly moves from its relaxed state to it’s uptight state over a period of 1.5 hours. The ‘tension’ Little Devil is undergoing only happens because you are working, and within this 1.5 hours you must take a 10 minute break or suffer a funny (yet mildly irritating) consequence.

"Little Devil" by Rhys Duindam
“Little Devil” by Rhys Duindam

The consequence is that Little Devil will start hyperventilating because it is nervous for you, and will keep doing so until you stop working. The irritating sounds created by the hyperventilating motors and waving object can then be used as an excuse to leave your desk, as everyone knows that Little Devil is irritating enough to stop you working.

Submitted by Rhys Duindam
Website: Nupky


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