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Launch Milan: Ivy the new Clutch for Maison 203 Clutch by Odo Fioravanti

Milan Design Week 2016: official launch at la Rinascente in Milan

Geometric surfaces intertwine and create new star-shaped figures in the second clutch by Odo Fioravanti for the emerging brand of fashion-design accessories. The result of this geometric and rational research paradoxically leads to a decorative effect: it happens that the overlapping surfaces of the clutch turn into leaves and become the key of a pattern that verges on the hypnotic, that draws circles and hexagonal leafy branches.


Elegant lanceolate leaves with their veins in relief and surfaces textured with very fine dots. And a drawing too – flowery and geometric at the same time – a drawing that appears and disappears, ready to vary among the tropical foliage of a climbing plant. Ivy, the new clutch designed by Odo Fioravanti for Maison 203 looks like those illustrations in the books of the first botanical explorers: true plant hunters, tireless travellers always in search of unknown seeds and flowers, ready to stun the world with their amazing discoveries.


A closer look reveals another curious similarity: the bag’s structure is based on the football shape, that is the most popular application of the truncated icosahedron – a 3D solid made of hexagonal and penta­gonal faces – one of the most intriguing solids known as Archimedean or semi-regular. This is the origin of the designer’s idea to explore how disc-shaped surfaces on a icosahedric structure could intersect creating a new starred solid.


In the second clutch designed for Maison 203, Odo Fioravanti, winner of the 2011 Compasso d’Oro and 2014 German Design Award, shows once again his enthusiasm for investigating the dialogue between nature and artifice, geometric research and organic shapes, using the unique language offered by 3D printing. Made of sintered nylon and redefined and coloured by hand, Ivy is in all respects an example of contemporary technological craftsmanship.

Ivy will be showcased during the entire period of Fuori Salone – 12th to 17th April 2016 – at Design Supermarket inside la Rinascente in Piazza Duomo Milan, one of the most important stores in the city that holds an entire floor underground dedicated to design.

Website: www.maison203.com/


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