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Frebble, hold your loved one’s hand from anywhere in the world.

The power of contact

Besides seeing distant friends during a call, you can feel each other now by holding hands. Made possible through the Frebble. The Frebble is developed by Dutch designer VanBerlo together with, TU Delft and Microsoft BizSpark.

Frebble by Van Berlo
Frebble by Van Berlo

Frebble is a Kickstarter project that gives you the feeling that you hold someone’s hand. By connecting Frebble via bluetooth to your video chat program you can feel the squeeze of your travelling companion. How it works; By squeezing the Frebble, the responding Frebble reacts by activating a small component and gives your love ones a small nudge in the hand.

“There are many ways to get your loved ones to see and hear the power of the internet, but the sensing element was missing -. Until now,” says Frebble. An simple but genius design that gives you more of a connection with the people that are far away. Thinking about it now sense becomes a part of the Internet, I’m hoping smell will be the next invention.

Two Frebbles are available starting at $ 89 and will be delivered at your home in October.

Via Kickstarter


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