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Today on D’SIGN Screen an interview with FERROLIGHT. a Dutch Design company, near Rotterdam. With a broad collection of exclusive lamps. The people behind FERROLIGHT are Ferdinand and Marike Verbeek. They founded FERROLICHT in 1999 and build it in to a high standard company. Re-known for perfection in design and quality. The use of only LED lighting by FERROLIGHT is not only beautiful but also energy efficient. In combination with an environmental friendly production and use of quality materials they develop responsible lighting.

Pixel hanging lamp by Ferrolight
Pixel hanging lamp by Ferrolight

We have visited FERROLIGHT in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, a village just minutes away from Rotterdam. We spoke in their lovely home next to the office and workplace, to find out more about the designs and the owners. In the well designed kitchen with the ‘Pixel lamps’ from their own collection as a contemporary feature. We had some questions for them.

Pixel Standing light by Ferrolight
Pixel Standing light by Ferrolight

Introduction: Ferdinand was born in ‘s Hertogenbosch, and after studying law he started his first business. Driven by his passion for technology, he designed, his first masterpiece, the ‘V-Vox’, an award winning loudspeaker. After producing for a couple of years, Ferdinand switched to wooden flooring together with a friend. After a while the desire to create and design was still itching. The drive for technique took him to accept an assignment for a chandelier in a new design store and this, altered his career.

Ultimo alu lamp by Ferrolight
Ultimo alu lamp by Ferrolight

The design proved to be successful and one thing lead to another. the orders just kept coming in. soon the idea arose to start a business in designing and manufacturing lamps. Together with his wife Marike who became responsible for marketing, they started FERROLIGHT. And successfully, FERROLIGHT now sells in 55 stores their design lamps and work national and international.

Jet Outdoor Light by Ferrolight
Jet Outdoor Light by Ferrolight


Ferdinand: “The inspiration for me is the technical part, not primarily the design”. The technique is the basis and i am always looking for new opportunities in that field. Because of the name we had build with FERROLIGHT and the designs we made, companies engaged in the development of engineering LED lamps are sending us their latest materials. To ask my opinion about the LEDs and if I can make a new kind of lamp with their latest LEDs. We are therefore ahead of the curve in terms of the technique, compared to other companies in light design. Which I’m very proud of and that is a great inspiration for me.”

Plexi Workplace of Ferrolight
Plexi Workplace of Ferrolight


Ferdinand: “The designs consist of geometrical shapes and are not subject to trends or fashion. For me it’s a mere from A to B. It should be good, not an excessive parts and of good  solid quality. The use of LEDs provides us also with the ability to form the lamp in different ways. There is no need for fittings with LEDs ,which gives us more freedom in the use of shapes and sizes.”

Drilling in workplace Ferrolight
Drilling in workplace Ferrolight


Ferdinand: “Craftsmanship! All parts are made in the Netherlands by Dutch companies. All with an environmental friendly production program and use of quality materials Here at the workshop we assemble the parts and send the lamps to their destination.”
Marike: “For us it is important to have contact with all our manufactures and shops. Know their process. We only work in small quantities, so that an adjustment on an order where the lamp is slightly different can be easily made by us. ‘Can not’ is not in our vocabulary say Marike with a big smile.”


Ferdinand: “The product should be durable. For us the quality of the product is very important. The lights are very energy efficient and made of honest materials of good quality. And because of the LED’s they are 80% less in energy use than normal light-bulbs. We are responsible for the products that we made and we take that very seriously.”


Ferdinand: “We often work on commission. Those are the real challenges. A sloping wall or other issues concerning light adjustments, we always help you with a solution. But it can also be a change in colour or material for one of our lamps, we keep everything in stock to work ahead. We can also create a complete lighting design on request. We work together with a number of people who are specialized in interior lighting.”
Marike: “Our customers are very enthusiastic and positive. Good contact and excellent service for the client and customer is important to us. Stay in personal contact with your clients. That is the reason that you can easily sent us a email of give us a call. If a customer sends you an email with a photo of one of our lamps in their interior, and tell us that they have been searching for the perfect lamp and found it in our collection, gives us a great thrill. That is why we do this… making the costumer happy.”


Ferdinand: “Keep it close to the chest by continuing with craftsmanship and not a large factory. I want to keep in touch with the workplace. Be engaged to all parts of business. That is very important to me in my vision.”
Marike: “International recognition is something we’re working on now. We already have customers outside the Netherlands. Some clients even visited our company personally because they found the perfect lamp in our collection”. To present our designs, quality and service, worldwide now, is our dream.”

It became clear to me during this interview; that Marike is the organizer while Ferdinand is the visionary. This combination make their company, unique, most luxurious and perfectly executed. They are devoted to their work and business. The design lamps are sleek and very minimalistic in design. They complete your interior with a spark of exclusivity and class. Not only for a modern setting but also as an eye-catcher in a classic interior. The beautiful extensive design collection of FERROLIGHT consists out of hanging, floor, table, desk, wall, and ceiling lamps, but also chandeliers and outdoor lighting.

Visit www.Ferrolicht.nl


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