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EGRET – Driving Urban Mobility

EGRET foldable electric kick scooters – the original

There´s a new class of vehicles coming, about to change urban mobility. EGRET electric scooters combine high tech with sophisticated style, providing an innovative solution for the trend of the future. EGRET is the premium brand for urban e-mobility solutions. The innovative idea of the EGRET ONE: Combining the principle of a kick scooter with the comfort of a motorized vehicle. The utmost attention is brought to ease of use and security, to ensure the drivers pleasure and commuting practicability at the same time. In other words, mobility of 20 km / h (V3) or 35 km/h (ONE-S) maximum speed and a practical folding technique for space-saving storage and just 16 kg total weight. The rear wheel suspension of the EGRET ONE-S impresses due to its high level of driving comfort.

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We don´t confine ourselves to develop such a product as the EGRET ONE, to improve it constantly or to just add new e-scooters to our product range. Our aim is to raise awareness of our customers regarding the transport of the future. We all commute every day from home to work, to restaurants, to sports and there is a simple and environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional vehicles. The EGRET ONE. Plus it is a unique lifestyle statement, because if you choose this scooter, you position yourself clearly as a supporter of innovative technology and design fan at the same time” says Florian Walberg, CEO Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH.

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Website: www.my-egret.com


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