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Dutch design in Milan a preview of the new gen

The 55th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan

Milan is running about, (in style off course) there is a rush, things are coming. The biggest design event of the year is standing for their nose. Not only Milan but everyone in the business is exited. So are we because we are well represented with our small country en yet one of the world leaders of design. The established designers as well the next gen are going strong in their designs. The established but also the new gen knows how to represent them self and their designs.

Ping & Moos

Pink & Moos

The young label Ping & Moos tries to raise awareness of their urban environment. From that bit of nature which often manifests itself as brave among urban stones. An oasis in a hectic life. A bit outside

‘Boomtop & Vogel’ (‘Treetop & Bird’) will be shown during the Salone del Mobile in Palazzo Turati. Treetop is a flower vase, herb and flower pot. With its watering, in the form of a bird, you can easily fill with water. The opening in the branch is used to control and regulate the water level, as a resting place for the bird or … to further stabbing into a flower.

Address: Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli 7, Milano

De Intuïtiefabriek

WATERSCAPE De Intuïtiefabriek
WATERSCAPE De Intuïtiefabriek

Like last year, we have been invited by COTTO Another Perspective to join in their exhibition. This time to create a new piece inspired by Cotto’s Pætchwork collection. We designed floating bath toys; sponges and pumice stones shaped like building blocks can form a playful atmosphere in the bathroom. Create an imaginary world in and around the water and play around with these colourful blocks to build a floating waterscape!

Address: Ventura Lambrate, Autoofficina, Via Massimiano 23, Milan

TRANSITIONS – Baars & Bloemhoff

TRANSITIONS - Baars & Bloemhoff
TRANSITIONS – Baars & Bloemhoff

After the success during the last Dutch Design Week Baars & Bloemhoff will take the exhibition ‘Transitions’ to Milan! Together with Lex Pott, Studio Mieke Meijer, Visser & Meijwaard, OS Δ OOS and Michiel Martens we were challenged by Baars & Bloemhoff to design a collection based on the wide range of decorative materials they represent in their assortment. We worked with MDF Color to create SPATIAL; a series of stools inspired by architectural structures and facades made of stone and concrete, materials with the same homogeneity as MDF. Next to our work SPATIAL we’ve been asked to create a totally new exhibition design to give this diverse collection an international stage abroad.

Address: Ventura Lambrate, Via Ventura 6, Undai 4

Ping & Moos: www.ping-design.nl
De Intuïtiefabriek: www.deintuitiefabriek


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