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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Chair Wear by Bernotat&Co

The prêt a Porter Collection

Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have? Bernotat&Co have created a prêt-a-porter collection of Chair Wear, a selection of favorites from their initial ‘Haute-Couture Collection’ of dress-up fashion for chairs. Bernotat’s collection ranges from cuddly woven sweaters to bright puffy bubbles, conservative quilted covers, and mushy soft slips.

Chair Wear by Bernotat&Co
Chair Wear by Bernotat&Co

What sets the Chair Wear apart from other slip-on covers is that it actually provides a smart and elegant way of recycling old chairs into something that is even better and more comfortable than the original. Each one is meant to quickly transform an ordinary chair into an artistic statement. While also adding cushioning and padding. With its sophisticated design and eye-catching colour, it offers the look of a high design home, when when you’re really on a thrift store budget.

Chair Wear Knit Bleu
Chair Wear Knit-Net Bleu

One of the covers, Knit-Net essentially a chair cushion, it’s made of specially developed 3D knitwear inspired by the protective foam net packaging of expensive apples. But all the clothing is in surprising and bizarre textiles, that span from the most traditional to the high-tech, up to materials belonging to completely different contexts. All is bred from the collaboration with the Textiel Audax Museum in Tilburg.

Contact Bernotat & Co for Chair Wear pricing and availability.


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