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D’SIGN Museum App: The Gagosian Gallery

The Gagosian Gallery worldwide

This app, you’d better make sure there is enough space on your iPad, since it takes up 616MB. The Gagosian Gallery has several Gallery’s around the world and shows works by artists like John Chamberlain, Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince. With this app you can get a unique look at the various galleries and a selection of there artwork. And the possibility of videos where the attended works are discussed.

The Gagosian Gallery app
The Gagosian Gallery app

Specific peaks in this app is the 360 degrees around look at the Rauschenberg exhibition in New York and this gives you the possibility to walk around this object from Vera Lutter almost looks like you‘re actually in the gallery. She also made a video talking about the making of her work. The app is completely free and available and according to the gallery will be updated every three months to include the latest exhibitions and background stories about there artworks.

The Gagosian Gallery app
The Gagosian Gallery app

The app for IPad can be downloaded here.

Story by: Gabriëlle Voogt


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