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D’SIGN Museum App: Milwaukee Art Museum

The Quadracci Palvilion by Calatrava

It’s already ten years ago that the Milwaukee Art Museum was expanded to include the iconic Quadracci Pavilion by architect Santiago Calatrava. To celebrate this event, the museum has made an iPhone app for the Quadracci Pavilion. The app has several interesting features and the particularly beautiful photographs there showing of the artwork.

Milwaukee Art Museum app
Milwaukee Art Museum app

Besides the beautiful photos, the app obviously has more features. You can take part in a quiz about the pavilion, virtual walk around the hall of the pavilion and watch several videos. When you are in the museum, you can also choose to do a search. Using various quotes from the architect take you to a trip around the museum and learn more about Calatrava as architect. And you can manage the wings of the pavilion yourself.

Milwaukee Art Museum app
Milwaukee Art Museum app

Story by: Gabriëlle Voogt


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