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DOCFeed festival documentaries in Eindhoven

Second editions of DOCfeed in Eindhoven

DOCfeed is a new international festival for documentaries, held for the second time, from friday the 20th until Sunday the 22th of February 2015. They offer dozens of wonderful documentaries in an ongoing program. In three days there are 53 documentaries shown in three halls, from fifteen countries. Including two world premieres and more than twenty Dutch premieres.

DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival

The projectors of the first edition of DOCfeed were not cleared or the team of DOCfeed decided that a second edition had to come. We had the first edition we showed 20 films especially from Brabant. Mouws: “With this second edition, we can lift the festival to an international stage, without losing the casual atmosphere of the first edition.”

DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival
DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival

The first edition showed nearly 20 films most made by documentery makers from Brabant. This years program will consist of a mix of local and international productions. “We are therefore very pleased with the premiere of “Doodgezwegen””, the new film by Frank van Osch. Even closer to home, the impressive documentary “Park”, about the Philips de Jong park in Eindhoven, made by filmmaker DréDidderiëns from Eindhoven.” Says festival director Frans Mouws.

DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival
DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival

Other hand there are movies like “Sky is not empty” from Iran, “Gazelle – The Love Issue” by a maker of French Polynesiëen “US, Naked: Trixie & Monkey” from America. The makers of the last two films, are present on the festival. Three-quarters of the authors is present of all films. They will introduce their own films and after the show the audience can ask all kind of questions regarding the documentary.

DOCfeed Eindhoven Documentary festival
DOCfeed Eindhoven get your tickets

Besides films is at DOCfeed also room for workshops and lectures. So give Docwerk, KONKAV Connects and Docnomads on Saturday afternoon presentations and gives see-sailor Henk de Velde on Sunday a lecture and shows his latest film.

Mouws: „Met deze tweede editie hebben we het festival naar een internationaal podium kunnen tillen, zonder de informele gezelligheid van de eerste editie te verliezen. Het voordeel van het grote aantal buitenlandse films, die allemaal Engels gesproken of ondertitels zijn, is dat we ook alle expats in deze High Tech regio een evenement kunnen bieden.”

To keep the festival accessible all tickets cost 5 euros. With one ticket you can visit a movie block of one and a half to two hours. Depending on the length of the docu’s we run in a block one, two or three films.

Tickets are available at the box office or through the website (www.docfeed.nl) anywhere in the program. A weekend pass cost 25 euros. Pass holders have access to all documentaries and workshops.

The festival begins Friday, February 20th at 18:00 and runs until Sunday, February 22 19:00
All documentaries are screened in the building of TAC at the Vonderweg 1 in Eindhoven

We hope to see you at DOCfeed 2015!

More on www.docfeed.nl/


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