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Digital Art: Words by Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar, sweet or not! 

Magical, surreal, evocative, erotic, strange, beautiful, cold, macabre. The work of artist Ray Caesar attracts and repels. You love it or you hate it, but anyway it leafs you not unaffected. Caesar was born in England, but moved at an early age with his parents to Canada. He is suffering from a dissociative identity disorder, suffers from agoraphobia and anxiety attacks and was firmly convinced that he was a dog in the world. His alter ego is called Harry” and Harry must constantly be kept under control. He has been following years of therapy, but art is his real life: not just an outlet, but vital

Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar worked for a long time in a children’s hospital, where he worked as a photographer to document all the illnesses and injuries of all incoming patients. After 18 years of being confronted with all sorts of horrors, he emotionally had enough and went to work at a company that did special effects for movies and games, where his drawing techniques with sophisticated 3D software.

Ray Caesar "Day-break"
Ray Caesar “Day-break”

Says Ray Caesar about his work, “I take difficult memories and hidden emotions and turn them into something that at first glance seems pretty, then you notice something a little disturbing or an ingredient that you wonder why it might be there,” Caesar explains. “A little tainted, a little melancholy, a little funny, a little sad and a little taboo… I mix this with clocks and scissors and irons and knives and silk dresses hiding strange things underneath.”

Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar is one of those rare artists who own a complete, managed to create surreal world. A strange oddities that nothing like what you know and where you are completely sucked in. A bit like the work of David Lynch. Caesar quote about art sums it up perfectly: “You’re feeling the emotion of the artist. You’re in their world. It’s kind of like the way graveyards should be. It’s a communication from the past. It’s communicating to you their fashions, and they can make you cry. They can touch you.“

Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar  "Madre"
Ray Caesar “Madre”
Ray Caesar "Guardian"
Ray Caesar “Guardian”
Ray Caesar "Prelude" 2004
Ray Caesar “Prelude” 2004
Ray Caesar “Sleeping by day”
Ray Caesar "Wallflowers"
Ray Caesar “Wallflowers”

Story by: Gabriëlle Voogt


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