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Design whitin the boundaries that lie Perception Park

Platform for Designers Perception Park Studio

Perception Park is a young studio based in Paris, a new artistic research and exchange platform. It federates artists and designers, all forms of expression brought together, selected for their approach and for the confluence of their languages, ​​in an attempt to identify and present the emerging creation in all its topicality and its singularity. In addition to this vocation of revealing, Perception park edits objects which find their meaning within the boundaries that lie between art and design, combining artistic approach.
Perception Park
Perception Park

The bone chosen for its ornamental potential, is used in its entirety and in all its purity, like a totem. Diverted from its primary function, the form suggests a new usefulness, and develops a hybrid language between classical references and anthropomorphic researches. The visual impact of the form is balanced by the simplicity of enameled porcelain and its light.

Perception Park


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