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Design: Life size human lamps by Bizzotto

An artistic statement of art

Bizzotto presents, as a matching with all the collections, unusual and ironic furnishing. These surprising, human-like, life size lamps, can be described as an artistic statement or a bold design choice, as it seems that 20th century surrealist art movement may have inspired the design. But either way, they will make a big impact visually and emotionally in any space they inhabit.

Female lamp by Bizzoto
Female lamp by Bizzotto

Unusually decorative, these are unique standing lamps best suited to make a dramatic presence in a minimal modern interior. It comprises the illuminating duo; one is sculpted muscular man, sitting casually on two sacked suitcases and the other is a standing youthful woman, seems to ooze its confidence. Both with oversized lampshades in lieu of heads.

Men lamp by Bizzoto
Men lamp by Bizzotto


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