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Design District 2014 Creative and innovative event

Inspiring and a feast for the eyes

Last week the Design District 2014 found place. Designers and manufacturers showcase their latest products in the field of interior design. We brought a visit to this exciting design event in Zaandam, The Netherlands. We had to cover lot of ground and started early that day. We don’t want to miss anything. Once arrived we where amazed by all the great designs and collections we have seen. We found all kind of interesting designs you could find from simple to luxurious and beautiful to remarkable detailed designs. Some of them are real ingenious in use of material or production.

JEE-O Soho Design District 2014
JEE-O Soho by L.J Moerman

With a floor area of 6.000 square metre and with over 140 stands that participate in this event, we couldn’t be more inspired. In the following days we show you the designs we love the most. Follow all Design District posts and tell us what your favourite design is. One of the first designs we walk into was JEE-O Soho a high quality collection of bathroom design. The shower on the picture is winner of the Reddot Award 2013.

Marc de Groot Design District 2014
BOOOM by Marc de Groot

Also the BOOOM light by Marc de Groot a design that is build up from an ingenious square based pattern folded together to a beautiful sphere got or eyes.

Intercodam Design District 2014
Intercodam beautiful tiles from Portugal

The amazing tiles from Portugal are a inspiration for your home. Custom cut they provide a tight straight connection and can be used for lots more than your kitchen or bathroom.

My dog's new tricks Design District 2014
My dog’s new tricks design from Portugal

The ultimate use of cork in this simple Eco design table from a new company from Portugal.

Strandwest building, rebuild, interior design,  and styling

Strandwest is a interior shop in Utrecht, but they do much more than selling design. Strandwest Projects can build, rebuild take care of interior design and styling too.

Richard van der Galien kabinets
Richard van der Galiën cabinets

Fun and interesting design bij Richard van der Galien, Vorm and restoration. The legs in this design are a wonderful detail and shows us on an ingenious way how simple and beautiful design can be.

Kusch Co brought back a design from 1968
Kusch + Co brought back a design from 1968

Seating designed by Prof. Luigi Colani who was in-house designer for Kusch + Co. The seating appeals with its unique use of organic forms and holds the same fascination today.

Castelijn Collection TSP
Castelijn Collection TSP

Castelijn Projecten produces since 1958 desks, tables and closets. The table from the collection TSP is a true example of there capability and durability. With a special coating produced is this table for a lifetime.

Like we said; a feast for the eye and where not done yet. We follow with more design from Design District real soon. See you than.


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