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Design: Detailed work by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Winner of the Meetmarket design competition

The in Mexico born Corina Sevilla Humphrey make not only inspiring designs but is also the winner of this years design challenge organised by VBAT Meet Market. Corina studied Industrial Design at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara. In 2013, she moved to Eindhoven with her husband to study a Master degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Her designs are with an eye for detail. Cheerful, with personality and have a sense of humor. Her aim is to find a job with challenges, where she can collaborate with people from other countries and disciplines. Corina; ‘to learn from them and be able to provide an even-richer perspective for my work.”

‘Blossom’ by Corina Sevilla Humphre
Blossom by Corine Sevilla Humprey

The box is a container of four wine glasses, which must be opened in the right sequence of steps in order to access the inside. Crafted in Maple and Walnut. Orrefor’s workshop ITESM /Carl Malmsten Furniture School,

‘2,5 Kilograms’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey
2,5 Kilograms by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Table made completely from Maple veneer. This flexible yet resilient material gave the opportunity to handle it in different ways. Its parts were assembled without glue, resulting in a durable table that only weighs two and a half kilograms.

‘Artisan Stool’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey
‘Artisan Stool’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Most often artisans who work on the streets have to sit on the bare floor for long periods of time. These stools are made of a dry pumpkin shell and a combination of palm and plastic fibers intertwined by Mexican Artisans. The materials make it light for travel and affordable. International workshop ITESM/ECAL. Project collaboration with Linn Kandel.

‘Cocktail’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey
‘Cocktail’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Laying in the same position for several hours on a surface can be uncomfortable and tiresome for the back. This lounge chair is specially designed to prevent this. The user can move forward and backwards over the rolling cushions, in order to change his/her position and giving their back a much-needed rest.

‘Push-Sit’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey
‘Push-Sit’ by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Push-Sit is a stool that takes the basic principles of the push pin to larger dimensions. Just grab it, find a spot in soft ground and push it downwards to have a seat.

About the competition

Corina Sevilla Humprey: “The challenge was one of the most exciting competitions that I have participated in.” And the prize is amazing two weeks to experience a creative bootcamp in their office in Mexico City, including flight and hotel costs. For me also the change to see my family as well. I’m so great full to get this opportunity.


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