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Design by Frans Willigers with strong sculptural qualities

Design is essence by Frans Willigers

After a career in the field of architecture, Frans Willigers decided to focus on designing products and furniture. As a designer of furniture he strives to show the essence of his designs in an unambiguous way that is clear and undisputed.

Frams Wolligers Bench Graffiti
Frams Willigers Bench Graffiti

The bench Graffiti can be used both inside and in the garden. It is designed in such a way that spatial qualities are optimally expressed.

Frans Willigers Cupboard Highlight
Frans Willigers Cupboard Highlight

The specific qualities of the material by hylite was the starting point for the design of the wall cupboard Highlight. There are no separate parts added for the hinges and the closing of the doors as these elements are all resolved within the material itself

Frans Willigers Chairs Dialoog
Frans Willigers Chairs Dialoog

Dialoogis inspired by the Prologue from the novel ‘The Discovery of Heaven’ by Harry Mulish, in which two angels, a young angel and an old angel, are discussing how to influence life on earth.

These three different approaches in design result in objects with strong sculptural qualities.

Website: www.willigers.com


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