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Technology: Glyph personal theatre goggles

Images directly onto your retina Video and audio technology company, Avegant, has been developing a new “personal theatre” gadget called Glyph – working in a similar way to the soon-to-be-released Google Glass. This technology supposedly mimics the way our eyes work in real life, resulting in a better quality image and a true-to-life viewing experience. Designed […]

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Dutch Design: Foam Party by Martijn Rigters

3D design custom made This installation of Martijn Rigters was shown in Milan in 2012 and earlier at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. The system allows you to create your own foam seat that is shaped for you. You sit in this chair and in just 15 minutes, you have a unique […]

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Technology: Neptune Pine The ultimate smart watch

Winner of all the other smart watches Smart Watches are totally hot, but the smart watches that you can buy now are not exactly ‘smart‘. They do not work independently and miss all kinds of functions. The 19-year-old! Simon Tian found this too and decided to make the Neptune Pine​​. This is a smart watch […]

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iDesign: Can You Guess What Secret This Chair is Hiding?

Ideal workspace nearby! We’re all about adaptability here. We’re psyched to find a piece of furniture or home decor that can go from one room to another. But what about a piece that can replace another room? Like, maybe, your entire workspace? This marvel of malleability looks like a simple modern armchair, but it hides […]

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Concept design: Instagram New Socialmatic Camera

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera Final Frame After uprice by Instagram as new social media photography app and since Facebook has bought Instagram for nearly a billion dollars in cash and stock, you good aspect some new feature mite me on the market soon. Many users, bloggers, even economy experts have thought Instagram could build its […]

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D’SIGN Museum App: Taschen

Two Apps from Taschen this week At the moment, Taschen released two IPad apps. Showing us they do connect with the time and are not afraid of change. Earleyer on they released some of their publications as an iPhone app already. Don’t worry, lovers of traditional Taschen books have nothing to fear in the coming years, […]

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D’SIGN Museum App: The Da Vinci Museum

The Da Vinci Museum The Da Vinci Museum does not exist in reality, that makes it the more reason to visit. The Da Vinci Museum offers you the chance to walk around a virtual museum entirely devoted with the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Hanging normally only in the Louvre or the Uffizi Gallery to […]

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