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Amsterdam ArenA start innovation contest for innovative companies

Tradition of innovation Amsterdam ArenA calls on all creative and innovative entrepreneurs to think about the stadium’s future. Therefore launches Dutch biggest stadium and home of Ajax, an international innovation contest. The best plans are tested and implemented in a renewed ArenA and are helped by the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and the […]

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Create a 3D landscape with Tingle by Rhys Duindam

Moulding sound Tingle is a new musical instrument, which is used to teach music. It looks like the pin-board toy from your youth, except that the 3D landscape that you created with whatever you put underneath it, now translates into musical sound. With your hands you mould, and form the sound to generate a “musical landscape”. It […]

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Frebble, hold your loved one’s hand from anywhere in the world.

The power of contact Besides seeing distant friends during a call, you can feel each other now by holding hands. Made possible through the Frebble. The Frebble is developed by Dutch designer VanBerlo together with, TU Delft and Microsoft BizSpark. Frebble is a Kickstarter project that gives you the feeling that you hold someone’s hand. […]

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Art on your flour, printed carpet by Rudi Boiten

Is it a rug or a drawing Meet the new technology of the printed carpet Plott. These week no chair, table, lamp, closet, but a carpet. Yet it is not just a carpet. This carpet is unique and and is delivered and made on location on order. Directly on the surface present. Milan is the […]

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Red Dot Design Award 2014: KOGA Kimera Road Premium

Aerodynamics and comfort in a remarkably clean design The international “Red Dot Award” presented for the first time in the fifties of the last century, generally known as one of the most important design awards in the world, is awarded to the new Koga Kimera Road Premium. The 40 members of the Red Dot jury […]

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Concept Design: Classic Smartwatch by Gábor Balogh

A Smart watch can have a classic design Among the smartphones that are currently on the market are not really much to get exited over. And we express the understatement. We see some nice concept designs, passing. But concept design is ​​easy, many things are on ‘paper’ easier and impressive than in real life. But […]

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Concept Design: The Bio-digester island by Philips Design

Green concept cares about environmental impact The Bio-digester kitchen island is the central component of the Microbial Home Probe system, developed by Philips, which defines it as a “domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting and human waste.” In fact, this kitchen island makes it possible to reuse nearly […]

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