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D’SIGN’s Favourites

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Furniture inspired by animal shapes

Live in harmony with nature The furniture collection ‘Sending Animals’ by Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba expresses his attraction to domesticated animals and their shapes. The animal shaped furniture series reinstates an ancestral, ancient call to our inner instinct and to the nature. The designer tries to investigate the relationship between human and nature in his designs. The whole collections […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourits: Silva Bamboo MacBook Pro cases

Green feeling The innovative and imaginative designer and maker Justin has created this awesome Macbook Pro cover ‘Silva’, witch is Latin for timber, using high quality bamboo wood for the first time ever. The Grasswood Macbook Pro handcrafted case is a hardcover case, and is fashioned to perfection, but gives them a “green” feel as […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: The Colonel Collection

French creative touch The new collection of furniture by designers Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet and gave the brand already their own signature. Light coloured wood, fresh colours and graphic motifs, inspired by exotic cultures. The lighting and accessories from Colonel are made for a functional, simple and creative décor. Via Mon Colonel

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Plate- Plate by Duncan Shotton

More fun with your food The black and white plates come in three different sizes. They’re printed with illustrations of a knife and fork and an illustration in the center of the plate frames the food. Plate-Plate is a design by Duncan Shotton a British designer based in Tokyo. His mission is to create projects […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Mon Oncle BBQ in disguise

Suitcase with a tasty surprise Retro inspired is the portable grill Mon Oncle, disguised as a vintage suitcase. As, open, it is a portable tabletop barbecue: innovative, hard wearing and very useful. With leather details in the colours, gray, blue or green nobody expecting a barbecue will appear from this suitcase as soon as you […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Chair Wear by Bernotat&Co

The prêt a Porter Collection Why buy a new chair when you can dress up the one you have? Bernotat&Co have created a prêt-a-porter collection of Chair Wear, a selection of favorites from their initial ‘Haute-Couture Collection’ of dress-up fashion for chairs. Bernotat’s collection ranges from cuddly woven sweaters to bright puffy bubbles, conservative quilted […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Roderick Vos Bucketlights

Flower Power with Dutch designers’ plant life… Bucketlights designed by Roderick Vos has a special combination and also again real resourceful. Why! Because why not have a lamp at your office that not only give you the light that you need but also ensures you of clean air in your workspace, which is by the […]

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D’SIGN’s Favourites: Baobab coffee table by Ionna Vautrin

Tree as inspiration for this fun-loving design French designer Ionna Vautrin created this coffee table for contemporary furniture company, Moustache. This coffee table is inspired by Madagascar national tree and illustrates the atypical shape of a Baobab. With a thick base and two rotating trays positioned at different heights, the lacquered lime-wood table will go […]

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