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Abel Costeur support against breast cancer!

There’s a story to every image Abel Costeur, Professional light-painter from Belgium, brings the lightpaint-art to a next level. Abel makes his photographs in combination with a Pixel-stick and Led-lights. By supporting Barco with his work, he wants to bring the subject Breast cancer extra “in the picture”.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 is coming […]

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Modebelofte 2015 presented Performing Advancers

17 Different nationalities, freshly graduated from the best academies Modebelofte presented over 40 of the brightest fashion talents freshly graduated from the best Dutch and international Bachelor and Master fashion programs in an extraordinary exhibition of innovative talent during Dutch Design Week (DDW) in Eindhoven. The unique location the spectacular Philips Stadium, home to professional […]

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Integrated Experimental Projects in Visual Aesthetic Education by Noiz for MoNTUE in Taipei

MoNTUE 103 Pedagogical Exhibition Design Noiz Architects an architectural practice based in Tokyo and Tawain, was commissioned by the MoNTUE (Museum of National Taipei University of Education) in Taipei, Taiwan to design an educational exhibition for on the topic of Aesthetics. As the exhibition aims for junior-high school and high school students as its main […]

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Eyecatcher on Salon Residence: Edward van Vliet cabinet

Filing system inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities A breathtaking picture at Salon Residence in Laren, last week. In one of the rooms of the historical Singer Museum, Edward van Vliet created an extrordinary office environment. With an extraordinary filing cabinet. Like a 3D diary. Van Vliet got inspired by the glass Cabinets of Curiosities we […]

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Reciprocity Design Liège starts October the first

Crossing disciplines and borders The second edition of RECIPROCITY design liège takes places from 1 October until 1 November 2015. Now a triennial, Wallonie Design is responsible for general management and artistic direction entrusted to Giovanna Massoni. The content extends throughout the city and the province of Liege. This exhibition is the result of an […]

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Ready to Wear Collection 2015 by Gareth Pugh

Warrior nature by Gareth Pugh Gareth Pugh, English fashion designer has a rather unique perspective on fashion. His adventure with the world of fashion started 10 years ago by designing theatrical costumes, was decisive for his future career. And after a workin in Paris and New York, Gareth Pugh returned to where it all began: […]

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The Minimalist by Christopher Domakis

Awarded documentary photographer Christopher was studying IT economics. His job perspectives were positive and he was headed for a safe spot in life. But it didn’t take long until it became clear that he didn’t put half the passion into his studies as into his dearest hobby: photography. Christopher decided to follow his creative vein, […]

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