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D’SIGN Award Entries

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Award Entry: ‘Second Chance’ by Eszter Imre

Ecological Design entry: Second Chance Illuminated sound diffuser surface made out of recycled porcelain. The curious wall piece visually describes fragility that You experience with all senses while realizing what the object really is. Name: Eszter Imre Project Name: Second Chance Category: Ecological Design Website: Eszter Imre

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Award Entry: ‘Kastello Special’ Coffeecups by Eszter Imre

Kitchen Design entry: Kastello Special Coffeecups Kastello’s special is a family of custom designed porcelain coffee cups with colourful silicon rings. Name: Eszter Imre Project Name: Kastello Special Category: Kitchen Design Website: Eszter Imre

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Award Entry: ‘Staalmaker Stool’ by Staalmaker

Home Interior Design entry: Staalmaker Stool The chair is a design of Staalmaker with the seating furnished with thick saddle leather. By glueing the leather and the aluminium together in this way the chair gets a liquorice allsorts effect, which is characteristic for this chair. By frequent use of the saddle leather the chair keeps […]

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Award Entry: ‘Moodstool’ by Carmelita Gonesh

Ecological Design entry: Moodstool The MoodStool is a fusion of a moodboard and an old piece of furniture. The images are tight fitted and finished with a resin so that it looks like they are printed onto the backrest of the chair. This way the whole chair is turned into a Mood board, which shows […]

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Award Entry: ‘Tablewear’ Jewelry by Eszter Imre

Lifestyle Design entry: Tablewear Jewelry Table Wear is a collection of porcelain jewelry inspired by classical porcelain tableware. The pieces were made by hand from casting to firing, and painted  by hand as well. Name: Eszter Imre Project Name: Tablewear Category: Lifestyle Design Website: Eszter Imre

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Award Entry: ‘Public Bench’ by Thierry Stam

Lifestyle Design entry: Public Bench The ‘Public bench’ is a bench designed for public places. Created out of simple elements to make a more complex piece. Depending on where you are sitting you can have a more private moment, where you are facing away from the person next to you. Or you can be a […]

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Award Entry: ‘Cradle’ by Erwin Zomers

Home Interior Design entry: Cradle Based on the idea of a child’s drawing of a classic baby carriage, I designed a cradle for my own daughter. The object is build up by a plain and simple rectangular volume, painted in white. Only two additions to the volume were needed tot refer to the function of […]

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Award Entry: ‘Wooden Sink’ by LOOOF

Home Interior Design entry: Wooden Sink In my quest to bring warmth and atmosphere into a modern cold bathroom, I designed an exclusive wooden sink. By means of using genuine teak wood, finished off with numerous layers of natural wood oil the sink is water resistant and it retains its unique natural appearance. Name: LOOOF […]

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