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D’SIGN Screen: Symbolism by Pär Strömberg

Paintings by Pär Strömberg Today on D’SIGN Screen an interview with Swedish artist Pär Strömberg based at the moment in two cities, Stockholm and Amsterdam. And working on his new exhibition, opening today the 12th of January at Charles Bank Gallery located on the Bowery in New York City. I had the chance to meet this amazing […]

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Wonderful parfume sculpture bottles from Rebecca Wilson

Love the pallet so gorgeous and fine These glass pieces are from Rebecca Wilson, who decided to examine the idea of collective perfume bottles and whether they’re functional or useful in today’s society. I know there’s a larger artistic discussion happening with this series, but I’m drawn to the colour palette enough to appreciate them […]

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D’SIGN’s Weekly Dose: Modern Art in China Beijing Factory

Fast growing art area in China Modern art in China or Beijing Factory 798. The heart of a growing art and culture community in Beijing, 798 Space is the centre and the biggest space that provide cultural, artistic and commercial activities in the area. This area where over a hundred art (international) galleries are located. […]

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Art Ceremic: "Artifacts" by Kate McDowell

Porcelain Sculptures by Kat MacDowell The work of Kate Macdowell and her recent collection of works, Porcelain Artifacts. Kate comes from Portland, Oregon and shows the mix of nature and humanity through a romanticized connection between the human body and the environment. Kate Macdowells inspiration comes from art history, greek mythology. Works are initially formed […]

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Art: "Retrospective" Guggenheim by Maurizio Cattelan

Retrospective at Guggenheim This retrospective presentation of Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC  is the result of everything the artist has produced since 1989.  Hanging down from the iconic oculus of the Guggenheim’s rotunda are all (as suggested by the title of the exhibit) of Maurizio’s work since 1989. This unconventional arrangement  suspended […]

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Art: "Harmonic Convegence" by Christopher Janney

Interactive art installation Miami International Harmonic Convergence, the newest, large-scale art installation by artist, architect and composer Christopher Jannye, is nearing completion at the Miami International Airport. Janney terms Harmonic Convergence “an abstraction of South Florida in color and sound.” The official dedication of Harmonic Convergence will take place in conjunction with Art Basel Miami […]

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Art: "Contact Lens" by Haruka Kojin

Art piece plays with light Featured as part of the Architectural Environments for Tomorrow exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, this art piece explores the distortion of reality. Haruka Kojin is a Japanese architect using various sized acrylic lens to distort space and perception. I love how this installation looks as if it […]

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Sculpture Art: "Metalmorphosis" by David Cerny

Metalmorphosis installation Czech artist David Černý is known for creating unusual, astonishing public art works. From a tank painted pink to a clan of futuristic babies climbing up Prague’s TV Tower. And now this phenomenal “Metalmorphosis” displayed at the Whitehall Technology Park in North Carolina. Standing guard over the American Asset Corporation’s 3701 Whitehall Corporate […]

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