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Art on your flour, printed carpet by Rudi Boiten

Is it a rug or a drawing

Meet the new technology of the printed carpet Plott. These week no chair, table, lamp, closet, but a carpet. Yet it is not just a carpet. This carpet is unique and and is delivered and made on location on order. Directly on the surface present.

Printed carpet by plott
Printed carpet by plott

Milan is the place for novelties. The latest models are shown and can you find trendy and new brands. Very occasionally you find a object that take with surprise. Something that the boundaries of design or production stand out and pushes the limits. At the presentation of the Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan, there was such a rarity in the form of a modest machine, connected to a computer.

Video: Printed carpet by Rudi Boiten for plott

One yarn of paint

The machine is designed by Rudi Boiten of plott. The small device spray a thin layer of paint on a surface. Slowly, a graphic pattern of lines are formed . After the first layer, the color changed and the device begins with the application of a new pattern on top of the already present one. Layer upon layer. The patterns cover one another, and a raised surface pattern is created. Interweaving lines. The result is a carpet that is a cross between a traditional rug and a drawing by Sol Lewitt. It is art for the floor.

Printed carpet by plott
Printed carpet by plott


The delicate rug is fully adapted to the needs of the customer: the pattern, the size and the colors, everything can vary. The machine is portable and so the carpet can be printed on the spot. With a cup of coffee on the couch while slowly creates a carpet for your feet. Thin lines, thick lines, dotted lines, the possibilities are endless. A transparent and non-slip pattern on the tiles in the bathroom, a layered pattern rug in the living room or a striking pattern as an eyecatcher in a hotel lobby; the carpet is suitable for both the private and commercial market.

Printed carpet by plott
Printed carpet by plott

In Milan this design had its premiere. The next presentation will be during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, later this year. The designers of the future to experiment with the possibilities of this idea. A product in order to keep an eye on.


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