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Amsterdam ArenA start innovation contest for innovative companies

Tradition of innovation

Amsterdam ArenA calls on all creative and innovative entrepreneurs to think about the stadium’s future. Therefore launches Dutch biggest stadium and home of Ajax, an international innovation contest. The best plans are tested and implemented in a renewed ArenA and are helped by the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and the innovation partners TNO, KPN, Microsoft, KPMG and Huawei.

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The innovation contest is part of the Innovation Arena, an open online platform where companies, start-ups, technicians, students and other smart people can share ideas. The Innovation Arena is not only an online meeting place for innovators. The best ideas, services or products can be actually tested during events or football matches at the stadium. With over 50,000 visitors per event the Amsterdam ArenA is one of the largest innovation labs in the Netherlands.

The occasion before launching the innovation contest is the major renovation of the Ajax stadium. In the first quarter of 2016 start the renovation that is not aiming at creating more chairs, but on improving the service, quality and sustainability. This will create more space and so we can create, more restrooms, escalators, elevators and dining places. Additionally ArenA wants to improve the facilities and to realize that the Amsterdam stadium calls for innovative entrepreneurs worldwide. One of the ambitions is the reduction of waiting. Other examples are: the creation of an optimal security and also ‘feel at home’, reducing the waste mountain, offering healthy food and the online connecting between visitors and fans

“Innovation should be done not only the best creations emerge collectively”, said Henk Markerink, CEO of the Amsterdam ArenA. “We provide our partners with a wonderful playing field for innovators from all over the world.” On connect www.InnovationArenA.amsterdam can be drawn on categories such as Security, Fanbeleving, Food, Cleaning & Maintenance and online. The categories collectively guarantee an optimal experience for the visitor in the Amsterdam ArenA and the region Amsterdam Southeast.

The competition closes in early March 2016 and a jury consisting of the innovation partners from Amsterdam ArenA examine the submitted ideas. All participants will receive feedback in a short review. The best ideas will be shared with partners developed and tested in the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, housed in the ArenA and in the stadium during events.

Never before a stadium launched a contest to come up with innovative solutions. “The game fits our tradition of innovation,” says Henk Markerink. “It’s in our DNA. For example, we have funded the construction of the stadium with what we now call crowdfunding. Is in the ArenA developed the so-called herbezodingstechniek (replanttechnic) for the turf and we were the first stadium with its own electronic payment system. “In terms of sustainability, the ArenA has already a lot of ambitions realized. So is the stadium climate neutral. To realise this, the ArenA has over four thousand solar panels on his roof, the stadium is heated with district heating from the nearby city Diemen and cooled with water from the Ouderkerkerplas. Solar cells will be integrated into the new façade. And rainwater collected and used for the toilets. The stadium also creates its own energy storage through massive batteries.

More information: http://amsterdamsmartcity.com


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