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Alex de Witte; A Bright new light from the Dutch design World

Alex de Witte latest work

Alex de Witte is an industrial designer from the Netherlands who is taking the design world by storm with his amazing new take on modern lighting. His work is partly inspired by the universal values in the perception of beauty amongst people and animals and these are clearly present in his beautifully and intriguing designs.

Big Bubble by Alex de Witte
Big Bubble by Alex de Witte

The latest works by Alex are the Big Bubble and The Dots. Both lighting objects though very different products. Where the Big Bubble is huge and impressive in size,  The Dots is a complex and refined piece of work where minor details are very important.

The Big Bubble

Alex de Witte bridges the gap between art and functional product design and his pieces will add style, inspiration and a wow factor to any hotel lobby or public space.


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