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What we do

D’SIGN magazine is an esteemed platform aspiring for a global creative design community. We are the reference point of choice in the latest trends and work of today and tomorrow. We show you the latest work, projects and expositions in the field of international design, curated by us, as well as submitted by up and coming designers, artists, photographers, architects and illustrators.

What we do for young design talent

Young design and art talent now have a platform to publish their work and tell their stories to the world. D’SIGN magazine aims to cooperate with art and design organizations and enterprise associates while expanding our large social media network. We help them increase their enterprice and expose their raw talent and vision online.

Enter the D’SIGN Awards Competition

And if simply showcasing your work isn’t enough, the D’SIGN Awards Competition provides a competitive plat- form for start-ups, students and creatives who have either recently finished an art study or have worked in the field for no longer than 5 years. This is a great opportunity to gain global exposure and showcase their talent. In short, we aim to connect award-winning creatives with manufacturers to help them see their ideas come to life.

Showcase your work, right here at D’SIGN magazine

If you have worked on a design or concept which would be the next big thing in the design industry, then feel free to submit your work and we shall not only feature it on our website, but also promote your work on social media. Also, if you just feel like sharing an article or product with a futuristic concept & cutting edge technology, fill in the application form!

D’SIGN magazine is a versatile online adventure that can’t be missed. It will generate a serious buzz, both on- and of- fline, so don’t hesitate, enter our Competition, submit your existing work, and unleash your creative talents to the world!

Are you up for the challenge?

Our network of designers and our recruitment service

We offer a ‘Made-to-measure’ recruitment partner and talent scout for international design brands & organizations. Our energetic positive spirit is considered of great value for the companies that have chosen for our recruitment service. We have a strong believe in a handpicked and discrete approach of the best talent the market has to offer.

To us recruitment is all about the service, after all people buy people right? So although we are online, we still have a face and like to spend time with our clients to get to know them and their venture.

How to get involved

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