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Abel Costeur support against breast cancer!

There’s a story to every image

Abel Costeur, Professional light-painter from Belgium, brings the lightpaint-art to a next level. Abel makes his photographs in combination with a Pixel-stick and Led-lights. By supporting Barco with his work, he wants to bring the subject Breast cancer extra “in the picture”. 

Breast Cancer Awareness - Storytelling_pictures_bnr_700px jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 is coming to an end – but, for thousands of women, the fight against the disease continues. To show our commitment to women’s health – and bring to light a message of hope to women worldwide – Barco captured the story of four women diagnosed with breast  cancer in an inspiring video. Because we want to raise both awareness and money, Barco is calling for 10,000 likes or shares of the video in order to contribute €10,000 to Pink Ribbon.

Like this video and help us contribute €10,000 to Pink Ribbon. But, most importantly, share these four strong stories by four amazingly powerful women!

What’s YOUR story? Do you have a story to tell? Share it on social media via the hashtag #MyMammoStory – you might win a make-over and photo-shoot with light painting!

“The fight against breast cancer is really important. We have to do something to help. If we raise 10000 likes, Barco donates 10.000 Euro to the breast cancer campaign!! Help us to get that likes.” Said Abel Costeur.

We D’SIGN magazine applaud to any initiative which charitable causes and design come together. By publishing these great projects online, we hereby hope to contribute.

Information: www.barco.com.10000-to-Pink-Ribbon
Website: www.picabelco.be


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