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Hong Yi and her 31 days of food creativity

Play with your food

Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi sometimes goes by the name Red. She’s been all over the internet lately with her most recent project, a thirty-one day challenge to create works of art with everyday food’s. Just last week, she finished her amazing, plate-bounded, edible food landscapes.

Hong Yi.1

You can see them – some is sequential story form, on her design blog. And al are with the same accuracy and creativity. She truly takes playing with your food to the next level.

Hong Yi.2

Red Hong Yi, is known for her unique technique of creating portraits of iconic people. Instead of using paints, canvas and brushes, she resorts to more unconventional materials, such as sunflower seeds, tea bags, candles, chopsticks, food or even a basketball.

Hong Yi.3

Red is working for Hassell Architects in their Shanghai office. When she moved to the city after the graduation from university in Australia, she instantly fell for the city’s chaotic charm.

Hong Yi.4

Before her trip to United States, Hong Yi has been working on portraits of famous Chinese people. But after this, she decided to do a portrait of a recognizable American in the memory of her trip. Eventually she came up with the idea of depicting Mark Zuckerberg, having somehow involved words “Face” and “Book”.

Hong Yi.5

Be sure to check out her personal blog to keep up on her artistic adventures.

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Images by Hong Yi


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