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Tapixel by Lise L Sayed

Playing with today’ visual codes

Seen on Milan Design Week Milan, carpet design “Tapixel by student Lise El Sayed. Inspired by oriental carpets with a contemporary flavour and playing with with today’s visual codes, “pixelise” the patern and feed it with flashy colors. Our look wanders along the small colourful squares and recreates the illusion of an oriental carpet.

THE TAPIXEL by Lisa L Sayed
THE TAPIXEL by Lisa L Sayed

Lisa El Sayed work focuses on how textiles, materials and structures influence the use and identity of day-to-day objects. There is a story behind each of the pieces, one that involves materials, users, use and memories. Both craft-related and industrial processes are employed, sometimes successively, on the same object. Radical and precise interventions give used or discarded items a new shape and functionality.

More info at liseelsayed.com


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