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Renate Nederpel Winner of the D’SIGN Award selected for DDD 2015

Renate Nederpel one of the talents DDD) Every year a happy few selected designers get the chance to take part in a special talent program: Driving Dutch Design (DDD) a program organised by BNO, that helps novice designers on their way into the world of entrepreneurship. They follow a series of master classes, sparring with […]

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Award Entry: ‘PopUp Linen′ by Renate Nederpel

Home Interior Design entry: PopUp Linen Pop­Up Linen, a wardrobe by Dutch designer Renate Nederpel is made out of cotton fabric and wooden panels. The origami­esque construction method makes it able to fold the body completely flat when its wooden poles are removed. This wardrobe is created “to be produced and transported efficiently”. Name: Renate […]

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