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Design whitin the boundaries that lie Perception Park

Platform for Designers Perception Park Studio Perception Park is a young studio based in Paris, a new artistic research and exchange platform. It federates artists and designers, all forms of expression brought together, selected for their approach and for the confluence of their languages, ​​in an attempt to identify and present the emerging creation in […]

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Containers II by Studio Job at design Miami

Studio job: showcase of new pieces For Design Miami 2011, Galerie VIVID of Rotterdam realized its second solo presentation with works by Studio Job. The main attraction of the presentation are five new unique pieces, called ‘Containers II”. In 2010 Studio Job made ‘Piece for Peace’ in association with the world famous Belgian crystal producer Val […]

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Wonderful parfume sculpture bottles from Rebecca Wilson

Love the pallet so gorgeous and fine These glass pieces are from Rebecca Wilson, who decided to examine the idea of collective perfume bottles and whether they’re functional or useful in today’s society. I know there’s a larger artistic discussion happening with this series, but I’m drawn to the colour palette enough to appreciate them […]

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Art Ceremic: "Artifacts" by Kate McDowell

Porcelain Sculptures by Kat MacDowell The work of Kate Macdowell and her recent collection of works, Porcelain Artifacts. Kate comes from Portland, Oregon and shows the mix of nature and humanity through a romanticized connection between the human body and the environment. Kate Macdowells inspiration comes from art history, greek mythology. Works are initially formed […]

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